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November 13, 2011
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A/N: How to Train Your Dragon © Dreamworks Animation

(Rated M for violence, blood and death in future chapters)

"Normal Speech"


'Voice Over'

Legend of the Knight Fury


'This is Berk. It snows nine months out of the year, and hails the other three. What little food grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here, even more so. The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies, or parrots...we have dragons.

Of course, it wasn't always like this. My name is Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III. Nice name, I know. But that wasn't the worse part.

About two years back..I was considered the worst Viking to ever be born into the Hairy Hooligans Tribe. I was small, weak and clumsy. I couldn't swing an axe, I couldn't lift a sword...and, most important (or at least when this used to be important back then), I couldn't kill a Dragon. I tried my best though! Even though...every time I tried my best, my "best" seemed to backfire...which would make everyone hate me even more.

That is until I hit a Dragon right out of the sky one day. When no one believed me, I went to look for the dragon myself...and that's when couldn't kill a dragon..turned into wouldn't kill a dragon. Because despite all the hatred between our species, one look into his eyes.. and I realized that he was just as scared as I was of him...I looked at him and I saw myself...

Well, months passed passed and me and my dragon slowly but surely became the best of the friends. I helped him out when he was in trouble and in exchange, he did the same. I thought I could keep him a secret forever. But being a Viking back then, being friends with a Dragon was considered taboo. So, when one thing led to another, my dragon got captured and that when we realized that the dragons we've been fighting this whole time...were nothing compared to the Red Death.

The Red Death. The biggest, most feared dragon you will EVER see. It was a towering, ferocious mass of walking death. It was unstoppable. So believe it or not, me and my dragon managed to defeat it, freeing all of the other dragons from it's control.

I may have lost my left foot that day, but I gained something even better in return: I have friends, fans, my father's love and attention, a new best friend...and even a girlfriend! Yeah, who knew right?

So yeah, life's been pretty good on the Isle of Berk. Well...good for me I suppose. There's still some issues we've had to deal with in the past few years. While Dragons are no longer our enemies..there's another pest another pest we have to deal with on a regular basis...'


"We're under attack!" A loud viking voice called over all the commotion. Everywhere, Viking were running with axes, hammers and swords in hand, fighting off the oncoming invasion coming from the docks. The clashing of metal rang through the air along with loud yells, cursing and growls coming from the Viking warriors. Running and fighting their way up the docks were foreign Vikings; just as big and strong as the Vikings of Berk. They were clad in armor color black and grey.

"To the docks! They're coming from the East Side!" Another loud voice boomed as he kicked an enemy off the upper levels of the dock bridge, sending him plummeting to the waters below. With his strong arms, he lifted a hammer, beating back Viking after Viking, breaking bones, bruising skin, taking down anyone in his path.

'That guy knocking skulls there? That's Stoick the Vast. The Chief of our Tribe. And my dad. He's strong as he is commanding. They say when he was a boy, he shattered a rock in half by just smashing it with his skull. And don't ask if it's true or not because knowing my most likely is.'

Stoick and his second and command beat back any and all in their path as they made their way down the docks. Looking out into the sea, he saw 3 large boats with more Viking pouring their way out. From this distance, he could just see two catapults on each of the boats, setting their aim back and sitting their ammo on fire, ready to launch on at the village. Punching another Viking in the face, Stoick turned to his second in command, Spitelout.

"Spitelout! Tell the men to concentrate on taking out those catapults! Use the Nightmares to do the best damage!" He yelled his command, the man running off to do just that. He turned to another man as he lifting a Viking clean off his feet and chucked him into the ice cold waters below.

"Barkly! Tell the rest to keep them from getting into the Village and any who have gotten in, kick them out! Use the Gronckles! The rest of you, counter attack with the catapults and Nadders!" He yelled out before charging in to attack again. The battle grew fierce, both sides giving their all to defeat the other.

'Those Viking in Black and Grey are known as the Outcast Tribe. They don't like us and well...we don't like them either. We each kept to our own because we use to have an enemy in common: dragons. But when I showed everyone otherwise...apparently, they didn't like that idea all too well.. And, like with most problems, Viking solved it by...well...beating each other up.

Although, the Outcast have sworn to run us out of our Island and kill all the dragons, I really doubt that's gonna happen anytime soon.'

The Outcast Viking had just broken through a line of men and made it to the Village up top, where the fighting was just as bad. They spread in all direction, like a swarm of rats, setting fire to whatever they saw fit. But before they could even get close enough, the roars of dragons rang through the are, counter attacking with their own fires toward the invaders.

Landing on her Nadder, a blue clad, blonde viking teen ran full force toward the men, her newly sharpened axe deflecting their swords and cutting through their armor with ease. Driver a few men to their knees with her Nadder, she looked to 4 others behind her. "Snotlout! You and Fireworm take out the one coming up the docks!"

"No problem, babe!"

Lifting her fist, she cracked one right int he nose before kicking him down the hill side. "Fishlegs put out the fires they set! Ruff, Tuff! Help me take out the rest!"

"You got it, Astrid!" Fishlegs responded as they all did as she told them. Fishlegs, riding his Gronckle with three others following them, got buckets of water from the reservoir and began splashing them on the few homes that were set ablaze. The twins, along side Astrid, got up their weapons, slashing and cutting their way through. With the help of their dragons by their side, they were able to hold off the Outcast onslaught.

'Those 5 Vikings there are my friends and team mates: Fishlegs, the twins Tuffnut and Ruffnut, my cousin Snotlout...and the girl Astrid. My girlfriend..and to think, two years ago I would've kicked myself for even thinking a girl like her would go for a guy like me. I mean, look at her.. so pretty and tough at the same time...amazing, isn't she?

They're all got dragons like me, by the way. That's pretty much the new norm, around here. The old norm was what kind of dragon you killed..'

The loud crack of wood sounded off in the sounds of battle as Astrid just smashed her shield to pieces over some guys head. Her axe lifted, she chased after a few, driving them down the docks back toward their boats. Looking up, Astrid and the twins could it wasn't just the Berk Viking fighting, but all of the Dragons were helping to put a stop to the attack. Even the small little Garden Dragons helped best they could (mainly by setting fire to the Outcast's shoes and biting whatever was in reach).

The Viking riding Nightmares were packing the most punches. The Gronckles were mainly used as battering rams for their tough skin and strong jaws. And the Nadder were able to easily weave through the crowds, getting to the enemies.

'..the new norm is based on what kind of Dragon you tamed. Nadders are quick and light on their feet. A lot of girls and woman tame this one cause of their brightly colored skin.'

"Alright! We got em on the run!" Ruffnut said, picking up her spear as he brother, Tuffnut, shoved her slightly to watch the Outcast Vikings run off. "Heheheh, yeah! You know, we're doing so good, we outta raid their ship for something good!"

Astrid shook her head as she ran back toward the village, the twins following her. "Don't get too cocky, we haven't won this yet!"

'Gronckles are tough and darn near impossible to knock down. But they're dumb as the rocks they eat so taming one of these really isn't all that hard..

Zipplebacks are exotic and harder to ride since it's better to have two people instead of one.'

And Nightmares are REALLY aggressive. Only the BEST vikings try to tame them. But once they do, they're especially loyal.'

The three of them ran further into the village, beating and attacking any other Outcast's that were running around. Just as Ruffnut was stomping a guy into the ground, Snotlout and Fishlegs landed next to them. "I got the fires out!"

"Yeah, and Stoick told me to come back and help you guys instead!" Snotlout said, getting his sword and shield out.

"Okay, looks like they climbing around the houses to try and ambush us! Everyone keep your eyes peeled! I just wish I knew where-"

"Watch out!" Snotlout yelled as he tackled Astrid to the ground to avoid a ball of fire that shot toward their way. The fireball had forced some of their dragons back, startling them for a moment. But before they could get back to their riders, the battle cries of the Outcasts rang out from behind the houses as metal nets landed atop of the grounds, ensnaring them in a trap.

Surrounded, the teens stood back to back, brandishing their weapons as the Outcast's got closer. "Damn...they got us!" Astrid cursed under her breath as a few of them smirked.

"Heheheh...easy picking! They're just a bunch of kids!" One of the spoke only to get a hammer thrown to his face by Tuffnut. "I'd shut that ugly face of yours if you know what's good for you!" Snotlout threatened as he dodged an attack from another.

Another Outcast chuckled at Snotlout's threat as they got closer and closer to the cornered teens. "Oh yeah? You gonna shut it for me, pig nose?" He threatened..

Their threats and chuckles soon went silent as they heard a sound cut through the air above them. It was a high pitched sound that grew closer and closer with each second. A sound that they've all heard before in previous attacks that sent an ill feeling to the pit of their stomach..

'...oh yeah...there's one more dragon you need to know about...remember that best friend I told you about earlier...?'

The Viking teens, upon hearing this sound, couldn't help the grins that spread across their faces...especially Astrid. "Oh don't worry...he might not...but we know someone who is..." She commented as Ruff and Tuff started chuckling.

The Outcast's growled at them but once again stopped when they heard the sound again...even louder than before.

' dad and Gobber call us a "Secret Weapon" during these attacks...that and the Outcast are kinda scared of us...and there's a good reason for that. Because my a..'



The Outcast Vikings took cover as a winged black figured dive bombed toward one of the ships. The scream that once filled the air suddenly went silent, only to be followed by what only be described as a loud thunder clap of lightning and fire hitting the boat at full force.

With the distraction and chaos caused by the blast (that just obliterated the boat hit), the Viking were able to make one more push against the Outcast's with their Dragon's following suit. Slashing and bashing, the enemy was soon driven back to the beaches and docks to their remaining two boats.

The commander of the Outcast's sneered in anger as he found his men being pushed back toward the water. Cornered on the beach by the Berk Viking, he grinned as he raised his hands and a line of Outcast's appeared behind him, crossbows ready to fire.

"Ready! Aim! Fire-!" Another scream rang through the air as the same black figure dive bombed toward the Outcast. A blast of fire shot from the black dragon, cause the crossbows to miss their marks, some catching fire and other falling flat on their buts in shock was what just happened.

Looking up from behind his shield, the commander poised to charge an attack. Of course, he never even got close to the Hooligans Vikings. As soon as he took one step, a black figure landed before him the light of the moon behind him casting an ominous shadow over them as smoke rose from the smoldering sand beneath. The Outcasts could only stand and stare at the figure at his bare it white sharp teeth, growling. A moment of silence had passed by before a smaller figure on his back lifted it's head up, starring them down and only said one word...


On cue, his dragon took a breath and let out an ear splitting roar in their direction, the Berk Viking following the cue and charging forward. They didn't have to be warned twice as they all turned tail, yelling in fear of the Black Dragon, their commander calling a full retreat as they made a bee line for their boats.

In a matter of moments, the Outcasts were back on their boats, defeated and dejected by the cheers of victory from the Hooligan Viking Tribe. "And good riddance to ya!" Gobber yelled out the rest of them surrounded the figure that put so much fear into the Outcasts hearts.

Turning to face the crowd, Hiccup and Toothless could only smile as Hiccup climbed off of Toothless back. The first to reach him was Astrid with a "congratulations" kiss, his friends patting him on the back and finally, his father Stoick, hoisting Hiccup up on his shoulder with ease, spouting none-stop about how proud he is of his son and how they should celebrate their victory in the morning. And Toothless was excited as well! Because the words "celebration" and "good job" usually meant two baskets full of his favorite fish ready for him the nest day!

'So yeah, this is Berk: We have Dragons as pets, horrible weather 12 months out of the year...and are constantly getting attacked by the Outcast Vikings. It's probably not the best place to live if you plan on living a long life. But you know what? Despite all has never been sweeter!'
:bulletblack:>>Next Chapter

Summary: It's two years since Hiccup killed the Red Death and life has been good. But, when the village goes to war and more Viking Clan come to help, Hiccup and Toothless will embark on an adventure that will reshape their lives forever.

Feel free to read the story and give me some reviews please! I really like the HTTYD franchise and I wanna make sure this fanfiction will do it justice! The only way I can do that is if you review, review, review! Happy Reading!


I'm still on an art work hiatus, I will let you guys know when I start doing my real work. This is just something to pass the time so you guys don't completely forget about me!

Anyway, I watched How to Train Your Dragon for the first time last week as well as Legend of the Boneknapper....holy crap I fell in love with that movie! So much that I started reading Fanfiction about it! XD However, a few of them sparked this idea into my head. About Hiccup getting closer to Toothless in a way he never thought possible. And no this is not a "Toothcup" fanfic (even though I've read and few and have nothing against them).

This is NOT going to collect dust and die in the corner. I plan on finishing this story and you all will like dammit! XD

Anyway, this is the first chapter so please read and enjoy! I might do Fan Art for it on a later date but anyway, like I said, enjoy!:heart:

How to Train Your Dragon © Dreamworks Animation & Cressida Cowell
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